HTF advantages:

  1. Over 2000 LED items of different types.
  2. Products of three quality levels (low, medium, high).
  3. Competitive prices.
  4. High quality products - 5 years warranty.
  5. Reliable partner with great experience of shipment to any country.
  6. Prompt and customized service
  7. Attentive and competent employees
  8. Improvement and development of energy-saving technologies.
  9. Environmental protection.
  10. Variety of low-voltage and dimmable fixtures.
  11. All our products are certified by international certificates of conformity ISO 14001, ISO 9001, CE and SAA.

The uniqueness of the HTF company:

  1. 3 factories in the Russian Federation (Orel), Ukraine (Kiev) & China (Jiangmen).
  2. Trading network: 43 branches, 25 cities, 5countries (Russia, Ukraine, China, Belarus, Lithuania).
  3. Participation in international exhibitions as manufacturer.
  4. Short delivery term and customs support to any country.
  5. The implementation of any exclusive architectural, landscape or interior project.
  6. Adding new products every month.

Our mission is to be the worldwide known international company.

Today HTF products are successfully introduced and used in different sectors of economy and in more than 300 cities of Russia, CIS states, and other countries such as - France, Germany, USA, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Lithuania, Seychelles, Chile, India, Moldova and Turkey.

Over the years, our company has expanded geography of its activities in several times. In a very short time we’ve opened lots of representative offices, that is why we successfully supply our products to many countries and we run our business with large companies. Nowadays we have over 1500 customer companies, which are: building supplies, urban planning & design companies (architectural, landscape, interior), industrialists, trading companies, oil & gas stations, hotels, restaurants and bars, night clubs, hospitals and schools, local governments, etc.

Make dreams come true and face the future