Letter of gratitude


Administration of Nirovsky rural settlement of Tuzhinsky municipal district Kirov region would like to thank CEO of “Technologies of the Future CO., LTD” Marina Viktorovna Konkova for help in development of material and technical base of Nirovsky Cultural Center.

We wish you successful development and prosperity!

Head of administration

N.P. Dudina

13diplom1.jpg Letter of appreciation


HTF Company (Technologies of the Future CO., LTD) has been a partner of A-Service, LTD for more than four years. During the mutual cooperation HTF Company has showed itself as a sustainable and reliable business partner, who fulfills all requirements on time and of the best quality.
High level of professionalism, efficiency in the implementation of joint tasks and projects and good quality of products allows us to give a high positive assessment of the company.

CEO A-Service, LTD

Pukaev V.S.


Thank you letter

Many thanks to HTF Company and personally to Elena Elphimova for a clear and quick response to our requests and complete information about the products of your company.
Your LED equipment changed the whole interior of our jewelry stores, increased the interest of customers and helped to boost sales.
Once again thank you very much!

Director of “Compservis”

Chepikov V.I.


Letter of Gratitude 


Attick Company, LLC would like to express sincere gratitude to the HTF Company for the cooperation and professionalism. We highly appreciate your efficiency and wide range of product items available on stock.

We wish You and Your employees success, financial stability and assertiveness!

Wish You and Your families good health and wellbeing!

CEO Attick, LLC

Yakovlev D.N.


Letter of Gratitude


Piramida Company, LLC would like to thank HTF Company for productive work and on-time delivery of goods!

We would like to express special gratitude to the manager of the company’s sales point in “Zagorodniy Dom” shopping mall for personal approach and conscientious attitude.

We are looking forward to successful partnership with Your Company! Wish You and Your company success and prosperity!

Management of the Piramda Company,  LLC

Loshakov D.V.


Letter of Gratitude

Parish council of the Holy Trinity church (Kolomna, Schurovo) is grateful for your charitable contribution of LED garland, which was used for decoration of a New Year tree.

We highly appreciate your help in organizing holiday for children and parishioners.

We prayerfully wish You, Your family and co-workers God's grace and heavenly support in work, health and salvation for many good years.

We are inviting you to visit our church to take a look at the activities of the parish.

Superior of the Holy Trinity Church (Kolomna, Schurovo),

President of the parish council


Letter of Gratitude

EKALED, LLC express its deep appreciation and sincere gratitude to “Technologies of the Future CO.,  LTD” for the good quality of its products and timely delivery.

Just on time delivery of products allowed us to work without delays and helped to acquire new regular customers.

High level of professionalism of the employees guaranteed high quality of products and quick response to our requirements.

We would like to show special gratitude to Emma Fedorova (Dep. CEO of HTF Company) and Ekaterina Marusina (Temp. Head of Russian Sales Department) for professionalism and conscientious attitude in dealing with any kind of questions.

Taking into consideration excellent work of your team, we are sure about successful, fruitful and long-term relationship with your company!


P.A. Kolotilin


Letter of appreciation

Specialized scientific-production company Istochnick Toka, LLC has been cooperating with international LED products manufacturing company “Technologies of the Future CO., LTD” (Orel, Russia)

Our company distributes general-purpose lighting fixtures based on LEDs. During 1,5 year of partnership with HTF Company  we fulfilled a number of large and ambitious projects, like: reconstruction of the system of street  lighting in Gnezdovo, Smolensk region; design, shipment and installation of LED lighting fixtures in industrial premises of “Yartzevsky Foundry”; modernization of the inner lighting system in the “Ritm” retail chain. To fulfill these entire projects we used HTF Company’s LED lighting fixtures.

We have a lot of experience in shipping, installing and maintenance of this kind of equipment and we are looking for the best quality.

 Apart from this, company offers competitive prices and fast delivery. HTF Company is able to deliver even large consignments within 2-3 weeks.  Wide range of products and ability to buy components for manufacturing LED lights can satisfy any customer’s demand.

What also needs to be mentioned is that engineers from HTF Company can always help to design nonstandard models according to our individual specifications.

Best regards,

Director Istochnick Toka, LLC

Selyakin M.N.


Letter of appreciation

On behalf of Executive Manager and employees of “Pervaya Svetodiodnaya Kompania CO., LTD” (Yaroslavl), I would like to express sincere gratitude and appreciation to “Technologies of the Future CO., LTD” for successful cooperation.

During the time we had worked together you showed yourself as a reliable partner. High efficiency in solving business matters and fulfilling all orders within the time limits exceeded our expectations.

Company’s employees are able to offer decisions that aim to improve performance of its customers. That tells about high professionalism of the employees of “Technologies of the Future CO., LTD”.

Our partnership lasts for a very long time and we are happy to recommend “Technologies of the Future Co., LTD” as successful and reliable business partner.

We are looking for the further partnership! Wish you success in your business!


Maklakov S.A.


Letter of appreciation

Department ofagro-industrial complex of Belgorod region, within complete overhaul of administrative building (Belgorod, 24 Popova st.) from the 4th quarter of 2012 is cooperating with international manufacturer of LED products  HTF Company (Technology of the Future CO., LTD).

In order to improve energy efficiency in the regional administrative building of AIC has been developed decision to replace existing lighting equipment with LED lighting fixtures.

According to preliminary results of installation LED lighting fixtures, we would like to point out the highest level of reliability of the equipment installed in the building, low level of energy consumption, good design and excellent level of illumination.

Moreover, we would like to mention short manufacturing and delivery time, wide product range and possibility to order components, which corresponds with the requirements of the regional department ofagro-industrial complex.


Head of the Department of Information,

 agriculture and social development of the

regional department ofagro-industrial complex,

E. Parhomov


Letter of Gratitude

Proton, LLC expresses sincere gratitude and deep appreciation to the HTF Company (Technologies of the Future CO., Ltd) for the fruitful cooperation in 2012.
Special thanks to the managers of the company for the prompt processing and delivery of our orders.
We would like to continue existing friendship and business partnership; looking forward for further mutually beneficial cooperation.
We wish you a successful development and achievement of new heights in your business.

Director Proton, LLC

Shenderov O.M.

11diplom1.jpg Letter of Gratitude 

Ceiling Company “Da Vinci” in the face of Director General, as well as all the employees of the administrative department announces gratitude to the HTF Company, and specifically to the office on the marketplace "Junona" for well coordinated actions in shaping the business environment between our companies, providing full information support, as well as speed of interaction and sincere desire to help with all our enquiries.

Wish you success and prosperity!


Shipov K.V.


Letter of appreciation

Rosso CO., LLC (Bryansk) expresses sincere gratitude and appreciation to the HTF Company (Technologies of the future CO., LLC) for a long and fruitful collaboration.
During the time of our partnership, HTF Company has proven to be a reliable business partner to meet their commitments on time and in full.
Special thanks to the head of the branch in Bryansk – Polina Pleschivtzeva for professionalism and competence.
We wish your company success and prosperity!

Director of Rosso CO., LLC


Thank you letter!


Svetoindustria, LLC

I want to say that I really like to work with this friendly, united team both in Orel and in Bryansk. And there are five reasons. First:  skilled and attentive to customers Director Oleg Baranov; second: good selection of regional managers, I mean Polina Pleschivtzeva; third: good organization of production (training, organization of exhibition halls); the fourth reason: search for loyal customers both in Russia and in the CIS and the fifth reason-I just like them.

Thank you!

Chief Manager

Y.N. Trushin


Product review

In 2012-2013 our company has bought the following LED equipment from HTF Company (Technologies of the Future CO., LTD):

-Kits for manufacturing office lighting fixtures;

-LED lighting fixtures (analogue to fluorescent ceiling fixture 20х4)

This equipment has proved its good quality: easy installation, better performance than fluorescent lamps, lack of heating, energy saving, lack of need to replace and dispose used lamps.
Currently we are planning on further re-equipment with LED lighting fixtures.

Deputy Technical Director

Rizhkov A.V.


Letter of Gratitude

Pluton, LLC expresses deep gratitude and sincere appreciation to the HTF Company for the quality and timely work on the production and delivery of LED equipment. Employees of HTF Company proved to be qualified specialists, well aware of the technical requirements for illumination, able to provide all technical documentation.

We would like to continue existing friendship and business partnership; looking forward for further mutually beneficial cooperation.


CEO Pluton, LLC

Borisov A.V.


Letter of appreciation

Since 2013 our company has been cooperating with the Yaroslavl office of HTF Company for the purchase of industrial LED lighting fixtures.
Since that time we have had only positive impression. Employees of the company are reliable and attentive, always ready to help. LED products are of sufficiently high quality with the lower prices than its competitors. Warranties are 100% fulfilled.

Technical Director

Mondi Slavinka, LLC

Matyushkin V.I.