1It’s significant to be always in touch in our dynamic time. It’s necessary for making urgent decisions at work as well as for keeping in touch with relatives and friends, as we spend too much time working. 
Besides, we should find time for rest in order to increase our efficiency and to achieve a success in work. At the same time it’s important to keep the track of events.
Moreover, such usual gadgets as a mobile phone and a laptop which we take with us outside the city limits run down in the course of two hours without recharge.
Therefore, HTF Company is glad to offer the customers new products in the sphere of alternative energy: solar panels, controllers for solar stations, inverters, batteries, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), ready-made solar batteries, voltage regulators and charging units.
Such devices solve problems with dependence on the electricity supply network.
The scientists have been thinking over the alternative energy matter over a long period of time. The sun was unanimously agreed to be a basic source of such energy.
Alternative power supplies are the following:
  • solar energy
  • kinetic energy of the wind (windmill as an example)
  • geothermal energy
  • biofuel
Unfortunately, the last 3 ones don’t rival with solar energy. The wind blows inconstantly, you can hardly find geysers in all the regions of the country and of the planet as well, biofuel production (for example, peat extraction) is expensive and isn’t of much benefit.
Solar energy, in its turn, is relatively permanent and even. It has been long a problem to convert and consume it efficiently.






Autonomous portable solar station Dachnik 1 – 15W has become the best solution. It is indispensable device that you can take with you to the countryside and be in touch with your relatives and colleagues not worrying to interrupt your rest because of a discharged battery.
This autonomous power supply consists of:
  • solar panels
  • batteries
  • a voltage regulator
  • an inverter
  • a charge controller
A solar panel is made up of photo-cells jointed together which are semiconductors that convert solar energy to direct current.
There are 3 types of solar panels:
  • monocrystalline
  • polycrystalline
  • thin-film
Solar panels mounted on the roof or other well illuminated place will be a permanent and independent of central network electricity generator.

Autonomous portable solar station Dachnik 1 – 15W is the best solution for camping and fishing trips, country – houses, recreation centres that will give you an opportunity to enjoy your rest in the countryside being in touch with people needed.