--We are glad to inform you that HTF Company has started production of a new device – a multi-purpose controller AVR-1. This controller is designed to regulate stair lights automatically depending on people’s movements. This device was specifically designed for LED strips 12V SMD 3528 and SMD5050. You can connect 2 meters of LED strip to one controller.

Thanks to two movement sensors the controller “feels” when a person comes closer and switches on stair lights. The lights smoothly switch off when the person moves away. Wave-like switching on and off of the lights creates dynamic lighting effects that transform the floor and house space. Such an unusual, capturing visual design imparts unique bright and inspiring atmosphere to your home. Moreover, the controller organizes operation of lighting systems on the stairs and in poorly lit areas, such as corridors, automatically switching the lights off when everyone leaves the room.

Thus, the controller ensures security of your home by preventing possible inflammation. Besides, while switching the lights for you the controller helps you to save energy. The device makes your life easier, safer and more comfortable: you don’t need to constantly switch the lights on in such inconvenient places as the stairs. And you avoid the risk to stumble and get hurt while you go upstairs or downstairs in the dark.

“Smart stairs” controlled by our device will turn on and start shining automatically when you come close. Glowing LEDs will give you an impression of the stars shining under your feet. Elated mood for everyday is guaranteed! Light controller is quite popular in bars, restaurants, beauty shops and shopping centers.

Now you can also buy such a beauty for your home. Just contact HTF Company by any way convenient to you:

- Online-consultation form on our website

- Mob: +7 920 281 00 99 (Russia) / +33 658 78 82 66 (Europe)

- E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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