6rtxfgcbThere has just finished the 11th exhibition of LED products called ‘Light Middle East’ that took place in Dubai with the support of UAE government.

Nowadays the problem of energy-efficiency is extremely urgent both for the industrialized and for the developing countries. LED equipment, its technical modifications and new LED products are actively discussed throughout the world. The interest to this topic brought together more than 420 people from different countries.

The only Russian representative was HTF Company. It displayed a wide range of high-quality LED equipment produced in Russia and based on best Japanese technologies: LED Luxury street and industrial lights with 7-years warranty, lighting fixtures in retro style, high-powered industrial lights, low-voltage fixtures, residential lighting, LED panels, manufacturing kits for office ceiling fixtures, matrix floodlights, alternative energy (solar panels), plant lamps, etc.

These products have been much noticed by participants and guests of the show. The most discussed subjects were the future of innovative technologies and designs and tendencies of the world's top LED manufacturers.

‘Light Middle East’ was a success. There were on 14% more of participants and show samples this year than before. It firmly established itself as a remarkable trade show in the field of lighting technologies.

We thank all the visitors for taking interest in our products and hope to see you again!

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