aqua2.jpgThe holidays are over and now you’re stuck in a dull office, thinking of how to return that holiday atmosphere.

Perhaps the thought to buy yourself a small personal sea – an aquarium – has already crossed your mind. If not, we just gave you a brilliant idea.

Choosing aquarium you, at first, decide on its form – a smooth round or a practical square one; then buy a suitable filter and compressor, beautiful algae, decorative elements and stones and of course fish – bright and unusual or just undemanding.

But there is still something missing. For the best effect you have to add light. However, you need to keep in mind that your little pets are very vulnerable, especially after being put into new environment. They need to have balanced temperature and necessary brightness level.

In other words, if you choose the lights that are too bright for your fish they will irritate them and provoke different illnesses; and the lack of light will prevent algae from gaining necessary nutrients, making them rot. In this water your fish will suffocate.

Right illumination will adorn your little sea and prevent fish diseases. Ideally, fish require natural sunlight. Common lamp can’t provide it, it emit only white light. Besides, incandescent lamps release much heat and in case of overheat can break or fall in water which will lead to unfortunate results. Moreover, this type of light consumes lots of electrical energy.

Our engineers have found a solution to this problem creating led lighting fixtures ‘Aqua’ that provide full light spectrum (white, red, green, blue colors), re-creating natural lighting. These fixtures have light compact housing; they don’t heat up and, moreover, they are environmentally friendly. Thanks to their universal holdfasts they can be easily mounted into any aquarium: square, round or panoramic.

For the large-volume aquariums we produce LED lenses with 90°viewing angle that can illuminate aquarium of any size. These lighting fixtures will be suitable for terrariums and industrial aquariums as well. At the same time its power consumption is just 6W.

LED lamps will help you solve illumination problems and make your or your friends’ aquarium a true work of art admired by everyone.

And, what is more important, you can be sure about the safety of your pets: under this led sun they will be perfectly fine.

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