7052709698684003710_n.jpgIn accordance with instructions of the President of Russia there is conducted a construction of a unique scientific and educational complex ‘Primorsky Aquarium’ of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Science. This unique building surrounded by glorious natural scenery will be the biggest aquarium in Russia where life forms from every ocean will be presented. Various excursions and scientific and educational programs for children and adults will surely make the aquarium one of the most popular places for relaxation and entertainment.

HTF Company made a significant contribution in the construction of the building by providing an architectural illumination of the ark that resembles a shellfish. In just 2,5 weeks specialists from HTF Company performed a complete range of activities from making an exclusive design project to production and mounting of the equipment.

Management of ‘Primorsky Aquarium’ were satisfied with the results of our cooperation: contour neon lighting, DMX-equipment and architectural projectors transformed the ark and allowed to create complex and dynamic light effects.

HTF Company is the largest manufacturer of LED equipment in Russia and it follows careful approach to clients’ requirements. We are ready to realize any exclusive project by a specified date.

Over the years of productive work HTF Company has gained professional experience and proved to be a reliable business partner for both suppliers and customers.

We express our sincere gratitude to all the employees of ‘Primorsky Aquarium’ and to the team of professionals that work on realization of this grand project. We are looking forward to the opening day!

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