1.jpgOn July 25, 2015 the tournament on power extreme ‘Coliseum’ took place in Belgorod. HTF Company became a sponsor of this contest. We gave 10% discount cards and presented LED bulbs and torches to holiday quests. Our company symbol – LED bulb – provided cheerful atmosphere and vivid impression!

The 8 strongest athletes of Belgorod participated in power extreme. Showing incredible strength and desire to win the participants successfully went through the laps of that competition! It’s hard to imagine how much courage and persistence is required to pull a car weighting 2,5 tons or to inflate a hot-water bottle and make it burst. All the sportsmen prove themselves worthy!

The strongest man became Anton Beidin, Andrei Nerubenko took second place and Vorobiev Aleksander became the third! Congratulations to the winners!

Besides power extreme competitions there also were presented: bow-fight, archery shooting, original archery battle, games, contests and enthralling competitions! All the participants successfully went through the trials and showed their potential on every lap. Spectators were thrilled and the show was incredibly spectacular!

We were glad to be a part of such a competition. Many thanks to participants and guests for hearty welcome, positive emotions and friendly atmosphere! 
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