Saint-Petersburg became the next Russian city we presented our company in. From 13th to 17th of July residents of the city on the Neva had a chance to get a 10% discount card and receive a LED bulb or a torch as a gift! Our company symbol – LED bulb – created cheerful and warm atmosphere.

 LED lighting is energy-conserving, environmentally healthy and safe for your health! HTF Company produces both standard and exclusive lighting projects for our customers. We utilize high-quality branded LEDs, not cheap imitations. We confirm quality of our products by providing up to 7-year warranty on them.

There are more than 3000 items of residential, office, landscape, street, architectural lighting in the company’s range of products. LED lighting is the most efficient solution when you need to illuminate something. Using our products you can save up to 80% of the money spent on electricity!

In our outlet mall in Saint-Petersburg we displayed some original residential and office lighting solutions: ultra-thin luminous pictures, pictures with 3-D effect, animated starry sky, mirror-portals, LED furniture and many other fascinating ideas.

Many thanks to the Northern capital and its citizens for hearty welcome.

Be notable with the help of HTF Company. Try the new! 

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