HTF Company presents new power LEDs Epistar in pink and violet colour which are widely used in architectural, landscape and specialized lightning. Wide spectrum of radiation, i.e. the ability to get any colour and shade needed is main advantage of these novelties. LEDs allow to get the colour of a specific wavelength. Pink LED has 500 nm wavelength which corresponds with pink colour. Violet LEDs give light with 400-435 nm wavelength. Moreover, CCT and shades doesn't change in time as in other light sources. Thus we get durable and stable glow colour.


These shades are rare among various lightning equipment and even among LEDs. Their only difference from simple power white LED is in their smaller luminous flux. In pink LED it's 60-70 lm, in violet – 95-105 lm. Presented novelties have all LED equipment advantages: low power consumption, high service life, ripple absence and no hazardous substances. They can be used on any our PCB meant for Epistar LEDs.