BUR_514601.jpgHTF Company, the largest manufacturer of LED products in Russia, became an official partner of TV program “Fazenda” on channel One. This program is about country life and making it better. The episode “Shadows' play” in which HTF products were used went on air on June 14 2015. Iliya Verin, the architect, brought back to life the porch of Blynskih family playing there with shadows with use of laths which made it both sunny and shady at the same time.

Due to LED lightning the porch has changed beyond recognition, especially in the evening time. Designers have found an interesting residential solution – in gaps along the ceiling they put flexible LED stripmade by HTF Company. Bright glow of RGB stripsupported shadow-play on the floor and decorated the room with fantastic lightning effects.

Flicker and brightness are easily regulated by control panel creating necessary atmosphere. You want to throw a party? No problem! Just increase lightning brightness and adjust dynamics. You want romantic or relaxed and cozy atmosphere? You simply need to dim the lights, the desired mood is guaranteed!

For that residential lightning project HTF Company, as program's sponsor, granted all necessary products and equipment. If you want to make the same or a different lightning in your country-house or its parts choose HTF Company! Professional installation crew, high-quality products, bonuses and discounts for customers will make you satisfied with your choice! We can design and demonstrate lightning project for your summer cottage for free to let you make the best possible choice!

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