HTF Company has put a new product on market, dimmable LED bulbs E27 8W 220V with which you can easily regulate lightning level in the room. For example, you can make dim lights in the evening in nursery and bedroom or you can make it brighter in your sitting-room while meeting with friends and relatives. Choose your lightning level according to your mood or on occasion; by simply diminishing brightness you can create relaxing and romantic atmosphere which will make your rest comfortable.

LED dimmable bulb doesn't flicker the way energy-saving bulbs do and gives clear light. It has standard E27 base and thus will be suitable as for chandeliers and floor lamps, so for table lamps. Its power consumption is really low, just 8W, which is similar to 75W electric bulbs. Due to that you can not only choose lightning level in your house but also save up to 80% of money spent on electricity charges. The lamp is controlled by any standard dimmer, just choose the necessary lightning level from 10% to 100%.

LEDs are a safe and environmentally friendly light source, therefore dimmable bulbs can be used in any room: nursery, bedroom, kitchen, sitting-room or hall. Hurry up to get your own modern, efficient and energy conserving dimmable bulb in our e-shop or company's retail outlet . Our range also includes a large quantity of screw-in and pin bulbs with E14, E27, G4, G9, GX53, MR 16 (MR11) bases.

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