6HTF Company is happy to introduce our new Rotating LED Lamp, which is one of the simplest and most effective ways to create a party at your home. Just replace your regular lamp with our new-dancing lamp and the whole house will be instantly filled with millions of colorful lights, making an average room look like a real dance floor. You can find our LED Lamp for Dancing on our web-site: LED Lamp for Dancing

This lamp will be perfect for bars, restaurants, cafes and different entertainment places; with its help you can easily create a happy holiday atmosphere, throw a party or even a disco!

The body is made of shaped plastic, which dissipates a smooth glow of blue, red and green lights. Standard base - E27/B22 makes this lamp very easy and versatile to use. LED rotating lamp also has the following advantages: a minimum level of heat disposing and energy consuming, compact and elegant design, very bright and saturated colors, long life time, shockproof housing, and absolute safety for man and nature (there are no hazardous substances and harmful IR or UV radiation).