W1.40.2e are pleased to announce that HTF company has launched production of new low-priced Street and Industrial lighting fixtures. This line is based on the economical and efficient Gi Li LEDs (Taiwan), has a high level of illumination and affordable price. New housing of these lighting fixtures, developed by our company, is lighter in weight and smaller in size. New low-priced LED Lighting Fixtures is a modern high-tech solution for illumination of streets, roads, manufacturing plants, warehouses, etc.

Our new products include: LED Industrial fixtures low-priced and LED Streetlights low-priced

Because of its durability and high efficiency, LED equipment is the best alternative to obsolete lighting equipment, especially Mercury lamps (here you can see the comparison of using LED Lamps and Mercury lighting fixtures). The average lifetime of LEDs is more than 50 thousand hours, so you can eliminate replacement and maintenance costs, pay-off your initial costs in a short time and benefit from year to year.

Smooth and bright, non-flicker light ensures safety for people and vehicles driving in the dark. Stable operation in all weather conditions, low heat dissipation and outstanding corrosion resistance make LEDs more and more popular on the market of street lighting in the XXI century.

HTF company is a leader in the design and manufacture of LED lighting products among domestic manufacturers. We offer a full range of services for modernization of street, industrial and other types of illumination systems. Moreover, we provide our customers free design project, calculation of illumination level and pay-off period of initial costs.