C42ircus! When we hear this word we instantly recall images of animals, clowns, laughing children and sugar cane. Circus can always return memories of our childhood. But many organizational details are hidden from the audience. We don't see how rehearsals go, how hard for the artists can be new roles and tricks. And of course we do not pay attention to the cover of the stage, properties and quality of the lighting.

HTF Company, the famous manufacturer of LED equipment in Russia, has a lot of pleasure helping to reinstall lighting system in the circus of Voronezh city, as bringing light and a sense of holiday is a great art and our work. Moreover, we had never had experience like this before.

HTF Company fulfilled modernization of the arena illumination system, installing high power LED matrix lighting fixtures (NN-299) with power consumption 200W and ingress protection rating IP64. Maintenance was held on the 20 meter height.

Eight LED lighting fixtures will be used as a basic illumination during rehearsals and performances, as it is extremely important to use high quality lighting, (especially during performance of dangerous tricks) that has high color rendition and low ripple factor for less fatigability of artists.We wish the team of "Voronezh government circus" a lot of success, full house during performances and good health!