25.jpgHTF Company (TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE CO., LTD) produces all kinds of LED equipment, including home, street, architectural, industrial, interior, office and advertising lighting fixtures. We are always happy to offer our customers modules, clusters, LED strip, stroboscopes, kits for manufacturing LED lights, glowing three-dimensional letters, light boxeswith monoandRGBbacklight.

This year our company has re-equipped light boxes on the outdoor advertising billboard in the outlet center "BrandCity" (Moscow, MKAD 26 km). All in all have been re-installed 16 light boxes. Installation took place on the 9-20 meters height. Previously in the light boxes had been used luminescent lamps with 1200W power consumption of one box. Newly reinstalled kits based on Gi Li LEDs consume only 480W (each box had 15 kits, consuming 32W). After re-equipping 16 light boxes, energy consumption was reduced in 2,5 times and luminous flux 3 times surpassed previous characteristics.

Currently format of the outlet center is being reconsidered. "BrandCity" will be corresponding strict standards of European shopping-malls, that is why high-quality advertisement is so important. Re-equipment of the light boxes with the LED fixtures, provided by HTF Company will help to improve perception of the advertisement; will raise its efficiency which will increase the number of customers.

Taking into consideration importance of a time factor, HTF Company has fulfilled all maintenance works not only of the best quality, but also earlier than it was stated according to the contract. We care about requirements of our customers and try our best to build honest and trustworthy relationship. We are not interested in one-time sales; we are looking for long term partnerships.

We are sure that high-quality LED lighting of advertisement light boxes will ensure constant flow of customers and once again will prove the highest quality of HTF products.