IMG 98511It is not a secret, that LED Lighting products become more and more popular not only with the family households, but also with large manufacturing companies, who already appreciated advantages of LED Lights in comparison with other lighting fixtures. HTF Company helps to make re-equipment of obsolete lighting fixtures with the modern LED Lights.

This time we worked with “Confectionery Factory” in Orel city, Russia. We modernized illumination system in the jelly-marshmallow workshop. We replaced old equipment by LED Ceiling fixtures L1250, based on Gi Li LEDs. Its Power Consumption is 32W, Ingress Protection rating (IP) is 65. Allinallweinstalled 119 lightingfixtures.

This workshop is about to launch a new production line of moulded jelly. Engineers of the factory improved the production line and, as a result, its productivity doubled and now it is estimated to be about 640kg of jelly per hour. But renovation of production line is not the only reason for increasing labor productivity. Good quality of illumination also plays an important role. LED Lights do not flicker and have excellent color rendition, which makes working conditions more comfortable.

Talking about company’s benefits of using LED Lighting, Dep. General Director of “Confectionery Factory Mr. Avdeykov noted: “We are concerned about working conditions of our employees. More than that, LED Lighting is attractive for us because it has longer life-time, it is easy-maintaining and, of course, cost saving. HTF Company accomplished professional, high-quality re-equipment of lighting fixtures, according to all agreements and deadlines.”

Many companies are already aware of all advantages of LED Lighting, but still not willing to make re-equipment of their working places because of high costs. However, simple calculation of recoupment and profitability will give understanding of the cost of LED lighting fixtures. After payback period, you will save sufficient amount of money on electricity costs.

HTF Company carries out the whole range of services from development of design project to installation of any kind of LED Lighting fixtures. Our specialists will help to choose suitable Lighting fixtures, calculate optimal illumination level, install the fixtures and provide out-of-warranty service. We are not interested in one-time sales, we are looking forward for the long-term partnerships!

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