.jpgLED lighting is developing extremely fast these years. And now we are happy to announce that the new LED Filament Lamps and Edison-style housing pendant came into the market and now you can buy them from our company.

These lighting fixtures look exactly like lamps from Edison’s time, but have the latest technical characteristics. That became possible because of appearance of ultra-thin LED Filament. When turned on, this kind of lamps looks similar to the incandescent lamp and has the same viewing angle. However, it is significantly more energy-efficient and requires minimum electricity costs for the whole life time of a lamp. Another factor that influenced appearance of the LED Filament lights is recent development of warm white (WW) LEDs that produce mild and warm light. You turn them on and instantly dive into very comfortable, cozy and romantic atmosphere of old times.

Our new Edison-style housing pendant is an excellent compliment for LED Filament lamps. They fit in with different interior styles, like loft, retro, vintage, English style, art-deco, gothic, country, Provence and many others. They are widely used in the interiors of antique shops, art galleries, restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, country houses and even city apartments.

Not like other types, LED lamps do not emit infrared and ultraviolet rays, which make this light nice and comfortable for men but not attractive for insects. They are also absolutely safe for men’s health and ecology, as they are free of mercury and other harmful substances. Soft, shaded light with very low ripple factor is very comfortable for humans’ eyes. LEDs generate less heat than other lighting fixtures, which means they are also less fire risky. LED lights are also beneficial from the energy consumption point of view, which helps to significantly cut electricity costs.

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