On February 2013 we received a request from INDESIT Company. They held a trial among LED Lighting manufactures in order to choose distributer of the lighting equipment for warehouses with finished products and they wanted us to participate in it. We had the following task: to offer the LED substitution for the existing DRL Lamps 250 in quantity of 1480. The height of the suspension of existing ceiling fixture was 6 meters, illumination at the floor level – not less than 75Lx. According to these demands, our engineering department offered LED Industrial lighting fixture NSP-TB -400 40W 220V IP65 90° based on Epistar LEDs.

To participate in the trial we had to give 4 lighting fixtures for 6 month. After our fixtures were installed by specialists of Indesit International, they took initial measurements, which were as followed: illumination – 115lx, PF-0,94 and Ripple Factor-1,1%. They had been making these measurements every month and by the end of the trial they remained almost the same. After 6 month, experts of the Indesit Company announced the following results:

  • Number of the participants – 10 companies (it’s obvious why we do not list the names of the companies here);
  • Declined because of the failure during the trial period – 3 companies;
  • Declined because of mismatch with the initial measurement results – 2 companies;
  • Declined because of deterioration of the initial characteristics during the trial period – 3 companies;
  • Admitted as a supplier – 2 companies.

Our Lighting fixtures had higher level of illumination and lower price than our competitor’s, who had also been admitted for supplying, so our company “Technology of the Future, CO., LLC” had won the trial.

Our lighting fixtures were installed in December 2013. As long as Indesit factories work all day long, during the first half of the year they saved about 6,5 million rubles, that allowed them to buy the same equipment for production warehouses.

All in all, the total benefit from re-equipment of lighting fixtures (without considering raise of tariffs, which normally gain 7-10% every year) is about 58,5 million rubles!!! Impressive, wright?