LumiGrow-installation-at-Herbco-basil.jpgNowadays we are witnessing the revolution of the LED industry. Just yesterday LED lamp was only a tiny red light in our TV set. Today LED lights are replacing obsolete lighting technology in industrial, architectural, designing and other spheres. Agricultural sector is no exception.

So what are the main advantages of Light-Emitting Diode? Why is it so popular? What is the secret of replacing traditional sources of light? We will try to answer these questions.

The main advantages of LED Lighting:

  • The lowest energy consumption: LED is 3-4 times more efficient than halogen and fluorescent lamps and 8-12 times more efficient than incandescent lamp.
  • The longest life time: LEDs work 50 000 hours on average, while fluorescent lamps work no longer than 8 000 hour, incandescent lamps less than 2 000 hours.
  • Ecological safety: LED Lights do not have to be utilized like mercury lamps, because they do not include harmful substances.
  • Among other advantages, also should be mentioned: instant switching to the full power, working in low temperatures, lack of blinking, dimming function, ability to repair and many others.

There is no wonder, that all these advantages gave impulse to the modernization of Agricultural lighting sector. Especially because working day of lighting fixtures in this field is far beyond 8 hours.

Our company produces a wide range of lighting fixtures for this sector. For instance, dimmable LED Lamps for poultry farms, which not only change brightness depend on the time of the day, but also change color temperature from warm to cool; special Lighting fixtures for greenhouses, and also LED Lamps for rooms with high humidity level – you can even wash them.

We can design, produce and assemble any LED lighting fixture according to your individual demand.