We would like to present you our new product – LED office ceiling fixture with remote control and prismatic glass 28/56W (CW/WW/NW) 220V IP40 GL. It has the following advantages: remote control enables you to switch on and off several groups of lamps simultaneously, create any luminous temperature within 2700-6500K and regulate its luminance (dimming function). To produce this lamp, we use high-quality extra-bright Gi Li LEDs 5730 (Taiwan). These LEDs have very low power consumption- 28W for Warm White and Cool White light and 56W for Neutral White light. Warranty – 2 years.

This kind of lightening fixtures is usually built into ceiling. It would be perfect for offices, conference-halls and meeting rooms. It is also widely used in hospitals, schools, warehouses, industrial premises and trade areas.  In the today’s world people spend most of their time in the studying or working places, so it is extremely important to make sure that illumination in these places is safe and does not have bad influence on the human’s health. Produced by our company, LED office ceiling fixture has very low ripple factor and creates smooth and comfortable light for the human’s eye.

Our lamp has very simple and nice design and will perfectly fit into your office layout; it has high illumination and brightness level. Taking into account low level of energy consumption and extra-long life time of LED, using this kind of lightening fixtures will help you to significantly cut electricity and maintenance costs. It also should be mentioned, that LED-lamps are fire safe and do not emit infrared or ultraviolet radiation. We also do not use mercury or any other harmful substances, which makes them absolutely safe for human and nature.

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