Since 5 August, HTF company had started production of a new line of street, industrial, ceiling and office fixtures based on manufacturing kit for LED lighting Gi Li 40W. They are perfect for illumination large-size objects as trading halls, office and educational areas, hotels and industrial enterprises:

These products have low cost, but high level of energy efficiency, productivity and power. Your initial investment for the purchase will be paid back in the shortest possible time. During 10 years the fixtures will be serving you and you will be saving on energy expense. Also you will get a comfortable and safe lighting for your factory and employees because of the ripple factor, which is < 1%. That creates supportive atmosphere and increasing productivity of labour. Equipment warranty is 2 years.

svetodiodnyi-svetilnik-ofisnyi-armstrong-s-prizmaticheskim-steklom-24w-220v-ip40-ep.jpg svetodiodnyi-svetilnik-potolochnyi-l1250-36w-220v-ip40-ep.jpg _40-1.jpg

 svetodiodnyi-svetilnik-promyshlennyi-2nsp-tb-80w-220v-ip65-120gr-ep.jpg svetodiodnyi-svetilnik-promyshlennyi-nsp-tb-80w-220v-ip65-120gr-ep.jpgsvetodiodnyi-svetilnik-promyshlennyi-nsp-tb-240w-220v-ip65-60gr-ep.jpg