1.jpgNews in the sphere of plant cultivation – LED light for plant growth HTF!

LED light for plant growth is used for acceleration of growth and upstream of plants. LED light for plant growth stimulates the growth of flowers, seedlings and vegetables, encourages root-formation in autumn-winter period, it is used for sprouting seeds of indoor and agricultural plants.

The main advantages of the grow light.

The light fixture is energy-efficient, being of equal capacity the light emitting diodes consume by 80% less electric power then other lighting devices;

The light fixture is assembled of certified parts, all sources of light (light emitting diodes) underwent spectral measurements and correspond to the required parameters;

The light has a sufficiently long operational life exceed dozen and even hundreds times that of traditional incandescent, it is resistant to any mechanical attacks;

The opening angle of the light fixture is prom 120-130°, the illuminated area and intensity of light striking depends on the height the light fixture hangs over plants. There is no heating-up during the time the light fixture works, that’s why there exists no minimum height of hanging the light fixture. As the light emitting diodes emit little heat, soil and leaves do not heat up, which allows placing the grow light practically right up to leaves.

Radiant energy in the spectrum immediately influencing photosynthesis and development of plants is 620 Nm and 460 Nm;

The principle of the grow light is application of the diodes of two types – of blue and red color. The blue light emitted by light diodes influences development of root system and the red zone of the light brings along leaves development and plants growth.


The light fixtures based on sodium vapor lamps DNaT and DNa3, widely used in greenhouses, being highly efficient at the same time have some serous drawbacks. The main of them are: big consumption of electric power, presence of unnecessary components in their light spectrum, strong heating-up. Besides, the use of such light fixtures in home condition is rather difficult. The light fixtures based on powerful light emitting diodes do not have these disadvantages. Advanced greenhouse complexes abroad and in Russian have already appreciated the advantages of application of LED light for plant growth for cultivation of various kinds of plants.