IMG_11042014_122751.pngTechnologies of the Future, LLC began to produce the lamps "TOWER"  based on the LEDs of the new type SMD5730 (Taiwan). We have different modification of power and base type: 5W, 8W, 12W, base E27 and E14. New model of lamps have a higher luminous flux (from 1 LED - 24 Lm) than LEDs SMD 5050 (luminous flux 20-21 Lm) previously used for this model.


The LEDs SMD5730 are mounted on aluminum board what provides better heat exchange, and extends the long life of the LED. Lamp "TOWER" on the LEDs SMD5730 made from polycarbonate and has the following advantages: shockproof, no thermal radiation and long service life.

This lamp is called "TOWER" because its form and shape resembles "the Tower." You can create interesting illumination effects using this type of lamp with different reflectors and it is perfect for home and industrial lighting.