The Second Project of LED Bridge Lighting has been completed at the end of 2017. This is the second architectural lighting of bridges in Belgorod city. Several month ago we lighted up a pedastrian bridge with the help of the partner company «EVROPA». The second lighted up bridge is a road bridge in Popova Street. 


This amazing lighting will attract a lot of people and the usual crossing become a local sightseeing. A thought out lighting makes the bridge safe for traffic and also make the bridge into a real ART.  

HTF LED Lighting Company used for lighting:


1. LED linear floodlight L1000 P-04 12W 220V IP65 OSR (CW) 92pcs


2. LED architectural floodlight HH-281 8W 220V IP65 OSR (CW) 28pcs

Installation was carried out by the company partner LLC "EVROPA". 


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