HTF LED Lighting Company has been participating for several months in a very meaningful project of Federal significance. We lighted up the bridges of the Vezelka River. 

Architectural lighting of bridges solves two problems at once: create conditions for safe movement and visually show its architectural features. It is very important to make a correct illumination of bridge which stands near the water, because the reflection in it enhances the charm.

So, HTF LED Lighting Company finished LED lighting of the pedastrian bridge in Belgorod with the help of the partner company «EVROPA». The main requirement for all light sources was a high class of protection against dust and moisture.

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Our company used for lighting:

LED linear floodlight L1000 P-04 36W 220V IP65 OSR (B) 142pcs;
LED architectural spotlight CD054 8W 220V IP65 30,60,90gr OSR (B) 42pcs; 
LED architectural spotlight M1 30W 220V IP66 30,60,90gr OSR (WW) 20pcs                                

The embankment along Vezelka River looks colourful and undoubtedly catches the eye nowadays due to the amazing LED lighting!