Explosion-proof LED lighting are specially created by HTF Company for use in hazardous environment which contains vapors and mixtures of flammable substances and gases, fine dust, particles of fibers in the air.

Such lighting devices are distinguished by a unique design that excludes the ignition and detonation of a potentially dangerous environment due to the formation of a spark or overheating of the device. 

Full compliance with the requirements for explosion-proof lighting, low power consumption and long time period of work make this class of 220V devices very popular at the enterprises of the oil and gas, chemical, metallurgical, military, woodworking, textile industries and so on.

It has some distinctive characteristics:

  1. Complete isolation of electronic components of lighting devices from an explosive atmosphere;
  2. Special design and a large surface area of the housing of floodlights and lighting fixtures, which ensure efficient heat removal and maintenance of the optimum temperature mode;
  3. Protection of the connection points of the installation cables with the power supply network by special switching boxes, which exclude the wiring connection with explosive environments.

Explosion-proof LED fixtures and floodlights offered by HTF Company can be of one-piece, modular or sectional construction. They are placed in credible aluminum housings, protected by a polymer cover and diffusers made of optical polycarbonate.


The credible and high-quality construction give LED fixtures a high resistance to shock, vibration and mechanical damage. The entire range of HTF equipment of this class is reliably protected from thermal influences and can be operated in a wide temperature range - from -40 to + 40 ° C.Aluminum housing of fixtures and projectors with a polymer cover and polycarbonate glasses are resistant to UV radiation, do not fail under the influence of time and hazardous environment.

The modern explosion-proof LED fixtures and floodlights produced by HTF Company are created to replace technically outdated analogs, which give in to them in all characteristics, demonstrate low energy efficiency and low time period of work. Also, these outdated analogs are environmentally unsafe and difficult to recycle.


This LED fixtures show high efficiency - up to 80% that helps to save energy. Also, low power consumption minimizes the load on the network, thereby releasing additional energetic resources.


Explosion-proof LED fixtures and spotlights are made of high-quality components from the best Japanese and Taiwanese manufacturers, accompanied by a warranty of up to 3 years and service support in the centers of HTF Company.