New Year`s holidays and festivals are coming. Rinks all over Moscow are opening at this wonderful time. Have you already taken out your skates? If not, go ahead! Do not let skates to gather dust!

Let`s warm up on the ice before the main holiday of the year! Be sure to visit the ice rink at the Revolution Square. It is situated between the Kremlin and the Bolshoi Theatre. The mayor of the capital - Sergey Sobyanin – took part in its festive opening. When you`ll be there, especially in the evening hours, pay attention to the lighting. The LED lights by HTF Company were used for the illumination.

Public skating rink is a great place for winter holiday. It is suitable for guests and inhabitants of the capital. Ice sports are becoming more and more popular nowadays. 187 ice rinks will be opened in Moscow in 2016. A total area of them will be more than million square meters.  



There is not a first year tendency. The reaction of the inhabitants of the city turned out to be extremely positive. Thousands of people spend time on the skate rinks every weekend. Even though skating is not an easy thing, it is very fun! But it is important to remember safety rules. Keep on the safe side!

City administration has big plans on the rink at the Revolution Square this year. They want to upgrade it to «theatre on skates». They will built the scene and places for 3000 people.

You can watch «The Nutcracker», «Swan Lake», «Snow White» and «Chipollino» during December and January holidays. The director of the performances is a famous skater Peter Chernyshov. Famous home and foreign skaters are in the lead roles.  



Lighting by HTF Company will attach completed form. Our high-quality Russian-made lamps (Orel) will illuminate the ice with bright and even light. Economical LED will significantly save electricity for the entire period of operation.

We are pleased to assist to the administration of Moscow cultural and entertainment activities. It is important that everybody can find there cup of tea during the holidays. Outdoor skating rink at the Revolution Square will allow citizens to come in touch with the world of beauty. Visit performances or come out on skate rinks.