HTF Company completed the new project of lighting of an apartment building on 5 December 2016 in Orel city (Lazurnaya Street). It was the fourth project from St. Petersburg «Zenith» developer.

The lighting from HTF Company became very recognizable in the Orel city. Three high-rise buildings have bright and beautiful lighting (89 Komsomolskaya Street; 33 Rosa Luxemburg Street; 23 Staro-Moskovskaya Street).

We had some difficulties during the fourth project. We had to take into consideration that this apartment building stands close to other houses. Also, the weather during the installation period was bad, but it did not affect deadline. Our employees were involved in the whole process: from manufacturing of lighting fixtures to installation. 



The project was done in a short time. It took only 30 days. We decided to make lighting of upper floors and roof. We used flood, beam and spotlight lighting fixtures to ensure that it did not hinder people of neighboring houses.

We used:

LED Wall Washer L1000 P-04 12W 220V IP65 NI;
LED Wall Washer L500 P-04 6W 220V IP65 NI;
LED Architectural Beam Projector CD054 7W 220V IP65 EP 30
LED Architectural Beam Projector  CD054 7W 220V IP65 EP 30
гр (CW);
LED Architectural Beam Projector  HH-234 3W 220V IP54 15, 30, 45, 60
LED Wall & Stair light  HH-103 6W 220V IP54 GL;
LED Wall & Stair light  HH-103 6W 220V IP54 GL (CW).

Also, it is important to say that people of that apartment building do not need to pay for the lighting. The developer has concluded the agreement with the administration of the Orel city that separate electricity meter accounts power consumption of the lightning. 

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