We have a big announcement from HTF Company! As promised we continue to surprise people in Orel city with an amazing original lighting.

On the eve of the 450th anniversary of the Orel city, we completed the new project of lighting of an apartment 17-storey building (Rosa Luxemburg Street). The height of the object is 53 meters. We used lighting fixtures of our production. The installation was carried out by our specialists. It is the third project of the LTD «Zenith» developer.  

The goal of the project is to create energy conserving, eye catching lighting with the possibility to adjust (partially turn off the lighting if necessary). All the norms of lighting were taken into account. The lighting should not bother the owners of apartments or living in neighboring houses people. 



The lightning was done in the same style as in the previous project:
1. Branded colors of the builder (white and blue);
2. Possibility to turn on/off separately individual groups of fixtures;
3. Separate individual meters;
4. Various lighting settings;
5. Programmable timer.

The important difference from previous projects was the fact that the lighting had been installed before the official commissioning of the house. The interior decoration has not been done, but the house started to light up the district. Works (production, delivery of equipment and installation) were carried out in a rather short time. As a result, the whole process took only 21 working days and ended the day before the anniversary of the Orel city.

We used:
1. LED Wall Washer  L1000 P-01 24W 220V IP65 NI;
2. LED Wall Washer  L500 P-01 12W 220V IP65 NI;
3. LED Architectural Beam Projector HH-281 8W 220V IP65 EP (CW);
4. LED Architectural Beam Projector
214 24W 220V IP65 EP 15гр (CW);
5. LED Flexible Neon P 7.9W 220V (W);
6. LED Flexible Neon P 7.9W 220V;
LED Spot Projector Light HH-103 6W 220V IP65 EP (CW).


Also, it is important to say that people of that apartment building do not need to pay for the lighting. The developer has concluded the agreement with the administration of the Orel city that separate electricity meter accounts power consumption of the lightning.

Stability is an indicator of the quality. We gain experience with each project. We can say that HTF Company established itself as a reliable responsible partner.

Congratulations to people of Orel city on the 450th anniversary of their native city! Ahead of us is a new project of lighting of an apartment building. Follow the updates on the site.