The new project was completed on 22 June 2016. HTF Company lighted an apartment 16-storey building in Staro-Moskovskaya Street in Orel. We used HTF equipment and installation was done by our specialists. The height of the house is 51.6 meters. The lightning was done in the same style as high-rise building in Komsomolskaya Street (the developer is the same).

We used:

  1. LED Wall Washer  L1000 P-01 24W 220V IP65 NI;
  2. LED Wall Washer  L500 P-01 12W 220V IP65 NI;
  3. LED Architectural Beam Projector HH-281 8W 220V IP65 EP;
  4. LED Architectural Beam Projector HH-281 8W 220V IP65 EP (CW);
  5. LED Flexible Neon P 7.9W 220V (W);
  6. LED Flexible Neon P 7.9W 220V (W).


Designers and installers had a difficult task: to create energy conserving, eye catching lighting with the possibility to adjust (partially turn off the lighting if necessary).

To complete the task we have done:

  1. Circular lighting of the upper part of the building with  LED Wall Washer;
  2. Lighting of the balconies with LED Flexible Neon;
  3. General lighting of the facade with projectors;
  4. The lighting in brand colors of the developer company (white and blue);
  5. Our groups of lighting fixtures turn on separately: wall washers,  flexible neons, projectors;
  6. Separate meter for accounting of consumed electricity;
  7. Programmable time timer with the possibility to set the on-time and work duration of the lighting fixture;
  8. Limited power consumption to 8.8 kW.

The lighting control has a variety of settings. For example, it is possible to turn off the general lighting, but the lighting of the balconies would be turn on. Or you can turn off the lights and admire only the contour lighting of the building. Programmable timers allow you to set the on and off times for each separate group of fixtures. Such opportunity conserves the electricity. 

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Also, it is important to say that people of that apartment building do not need to pay for the lighting. The developer has concluded the agreement with the administration of the Orel city that separate electricity meter accounts power consumption of the lightning.

Installation work took only 27 days. The result is the bright, eye catching, adjusting lighting, which attracts everybody in the city. It looks especially attractive from afar, because it stands out against the backdrop of the night city. 

Such lighting projects make the city looks modern. HTF Company is ready to cooperate with construction companies and developers to make Orel looks bright and beautiful!