We have completed the unique project – the LED lighting of a 60-meter apartment building. High-rise buildings are the symbol of economic progress, power of cities and modern industrial society. The new 17-19 –floored house was built in the Zavodskoy district (Orel-city) near The Military History Museum. On the upper floors you can find duplex apartments with spacious terraced-balconies with a magnificent view.



HTF LED lighting Company has made a huge contribution to the transformation of houses and streets in many Russian cities. The participation in this project has become a priceless experience for us! We were pleased to be the first company in the city that made the architectural LED lightning of an apartment building. The industrial climbers mounted LED equipment at 60-meter height.     



We used:

1. LED Architectural Beam Projector TB 40W 220V IP65 EP 15, 30, 45, 60gr;

2. LED Wall Washer L1000 P-01 12W 220V IP65 NI;

3. LED Flexible Neon S 7.9W 220V.

HTF products are successfully used in architectural lighting due to reliability, durability, energy efficiency and resistance to temperature changes.

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