HTF company has been working at the very interesting project of federal importance - Scientific and educational complex Primorsky Aquarium in Vladivostok. 

There will be presented the underwater world of all the oceans.

The Aquarium will consist of more than 500 types of sea and freshwater animals, including thematic expositions of  invertebrate animals, fish, birds and oceanic mammals.

One of the main activities of our company is production and implementation of the lighting of the buildings.

We have recently accomplished the lighting of the arch at the exit of the Aquarium.This time we succeeded in making the architectural lighting of the cash pavilion.



Architectural lighting was implemented using:

  •               RGB DMX LED neon 24V 12W
  •               Controller for DMX Neon A-8000 220V 5W
  •               LED  architectural flood projector light НН-214 DMX 36W 12V IP54 EP RGB
  •               LED architectural beam 2-side projector light DMX RGB HH-705-110 2*18W 12V IP65 45гр EP
  •               LED module waterproof ARL-D100-5050x12-DMX RGB 24V
  •        Voltage regulator СНЭ3-10000ВА

DMX- technologies allow to control more than 512 lighting channels, the speed of data communication – 250kb/sec.

That gives an opportunity to introduce scenarios with a big quantity of  LEDs RGB and dynamic high-speed changing of colours giving great results. Floodlights and lighting fixtures were designed by our engineers specially for this project.

The management of the Aquarium was contented with our work and expressed a wish to continue cooperation in future.