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Home is a place where we come back every evening tired and overfull with emotions that are not always positive. Create the atmosphere at home that will wrap you in warmth from toe to crown, take off the weariness and negative emotions of the day, give you wonderful mood and inspire you for new deeds. 





How can you do it?

Sunlight stimulates hormones of happiness in a person’s body . The lack of such hormones , on the contrary, provokes somber thoughts and reduces immunity. It’s especially important to maintain good mood and sound health in those regions, where cold days without the sun prevail the half of the year.

HTF Company offers you fashionable and exclusive solution of this problem! New products – unusual residential decorative lighting fixtures Luxury Series are a jewellery for your house. Thanks to the modern design and bright shades of the lighting they will become an ideal decoration of your house. The play of shining colours will create cheerful mood. 








LED Lighting fixtures Luxury Series are multi-purpose, you can use them both for decoration and functional lighting, for example, for reading (neutral and warm white lighting). Soft and even lighting without shimmering and ripple of such lighting fixtures will increase your efficiency and quality of life.









LED residential lighting fixtures are efficient. You don’t need to repair them or waste time for testing and service, as the construction of the lighting fixture ensures trouble-free operation during the whole working life.

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Aesthetic and artistic opportunities of new LED lighting fixtures Luxury Series are infinite thanks to the shape, design and colours of the lighting. They are creative wall – mounted and ceiling lighting fixtures. You can emphasize interesting elements of your interior such as paintings, vases, mirrors with the help of directed light creating the atmosphere of beauty, harmony and comfort. Highlight bright key points on those things that make you happy and inspire you. Red colour heartens you and and gives you more energy, blue lighting is usually used for mysterious and romantic atmosphere, warm white will create a feeling of sunlight and warmth, cool green will take off the weariness from your tired eyes.