The Second Project of LED Bridge Lighting




The second project of LED bridge lighting has been completed at the end of 2017. This is the second architectural lighting of bridge in Belgorod city.

LED Bridge Lighting by HTF Company




HTF LED Lighting Company has been participating for several months in a very meaningful project of Federal significance. We lighted up the bridges of the Vezelka River.

To live in the "Zenith"

bb6ee7fb83645e54c2679840424c6de7We continue to show you our projects of the architectural residential lighting. The HTF Company completed another one in the Oryol city in the 4 Orlovskih Partizan Street. 

HTF explosion-proof LED lamps are the best solution for hazardous environment!


Explosion-proof LED lighting are specially created by HTF Company for use in hazardous environment which contains vapors and mixtures of flammable substances and gases, fine dust, particles of fibers in the air.

HTF Company lights capital ice rinks


New Year`s holidays and festivals are coming. Rinks all over Moscow are opening at this wonderful time. Have you already taken out your skates? If not, go ahead! Do not let skates to gather dust! 

The fourth project of lighting of an apartment building


HTF Company completed the new project of lighting of an apartment building on 5 December 2016 in Orel city (Lazurnaya Street). It was the fourth project from St. Petersburg «Zenith» developer. 

The third project of lighting of an apartment building



We have a big announcement from HTF Company! As promised we continue to surprise people in Orel city with an amazing original lighting.


Another project of LED lighting of an apartment building is completed

visotka5The new project was completed on 22 June 2016. HTF Company lighted an apartment 16-storey building in Staro-Moskovskaya Street in Orel. We used HTF equipment and installation was done by our specialists. The height of the house is 51.6 meters. The lightning was done in the same style as high-rise building in Komsomolskaya Street (the developer is the same). 

The architectural LED lightning of an apartment building in Orel

44b7756e41d0b0762d0dddf17247eab9We have completed the unique project – the LED lighting of a 60-meter apartment building. High-rise buildings are the symbol of economic progress, power of cities and modern industrial society. The new 17-19 –floored house was built in the Zavodskoy district (Orel-city) near The Military History Museum. On the upper floors you can find duplex apartments with spacious terraced-balconies with a magnificent view.

Architectural lighting of the Primorsky Aquarium cash pavilion



HTF company has been working at the very interesting project of federal importance - Scientific and educational complex Primorsky Aquarium in Vladivostok. We have recently accomplished the lighting of the arch at the exit of the Aquarium.This time we succeeded in making the architectural lighting of the cash pavilion.

New products! LED residential decorative lighting fixtures Luxury Series!

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Home is a place where we come back every evening tired and overfull with emotions that are not always positive. Create the atmosphere at home that will wrap you in warmth from toe to crown, take off the weariness and negative emotions of the day, give you wonderful mood and inspire you for new deeds. 






New technologies in the sphere of interior design!

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Illumination is one of the main things in planning and designing every interior. It determines the atmosphere in the house, your feelings and mood. LED lighting will emphasize the uniqueness of your interior and make the corresponding atmosphere in the office. New technologies constantly enlarge the range of LED products. That's why, now we have an opportunity to tr

y out a new product- ultra-modern LED residential lighting fixture LED Downlight DGL 24W.  

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Illumination is one of the main things in planning and designing every interior. It determines the atmosphere in the house, your feelings and mood.

LED lighting will emphasize the uniqueness of your interior and make the corresponding atmosphere in the office.

New technologies constantly enlarge the range of LED products. That's why, now we have an opportunity to try out a new product - ultra-modern LED residential lighting fixture LED Downlight DGL 24W.  

 8 942915f2b269056ee2043959f66b455e 8 5df498c4fbf14ccf084c968a9ff69ed1 8 a117eb941056c0a838f052020c204dd0 8 af054682f5a6bc5281afb99f59ae2717

This is the perfect choice for illuminating your home interior, administrative facilities and offices. LED Downlights DGL 24W surpass other lighting fixtures in design that is created by the most qualified specialists in LED lighting sphere.

There are certain advantages of LED Downlights DGL:




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Thanks to all these features, LED lighting fixtures have become interior designers' constant  friends. As for illuminating, they cope with this task perfectly. More than that, LED Downlights create unique visual effects, emphasize elegance and beauty of your interior and hide certain shortcomings of repairs and architecture.

LED Downlights DGL - beauty and comfort of your house.

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New break-through in the sphere of alternative energy!


1It’s significant to be always in touch in our dynamic time. It’s necessary for making urgent decisions at work as well as for keeping in touch with relatives and friends, as we spend too much time working. 


New product! Controller for stair lights


We are glad to inform you that HTF Company has started production of a new device – a multi-purpose controller AVR-1. This controller is designed to regulate stair lights automatically depending on people’s movements. This device was specifically designed for LED strips 12V SMD 3528 and SMD5050. You can connect 2 meters of LED strip to one controller.

LED lighting view on interior design


Every experienced designer knows that to make a successful interior design you have to combine beauty and functionality. However, you can do it all without professionals. Creating a stylish and cozy atmosphere doesn’t necessary require significant re-planning or moving the furniture; you just have to add colors and light and accentuate some elements of your décor. LED lighting fixtures of various designs, forms and colors can help you in this matter.

New Product! Premium class LED Lighting fixtures Nichia Luxury

svetodiodnyi-svetilnik-ulichnyi-luxury-rku-tb-800-80w-220v-ip65-ni 4 1880327085

Attention! A real break-through in energy-saving sphere!

New series of Premium class LED Lighting Fixtures is on sale! This series includes office, ceiling, industrial, street lighting and manufacturing kits for office ceiling fixtures.

New retail outlet opened in Sochi


HTF Company has opened a new shop on LED Lighting in Sochi on October 1, 2015. In honor of this event we give presents to every customer: a discount card or a LED bulb. Our shop is situated at 118B, Prosvesheniya St., Sochi, Russia. We work Monday-Friday from 9a.m. to 7p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 10a.m. to 4p.m.

HTF Company at Light Middle East exhibition in Dubai

6rtxfgcbThere has just finished the 11th exhibition of LED products called ‘Light Middle East’ that took place in Dubai with the support of UAE government.

Nowadays the problem of energy-efficiency is extremely urgent both for the industrialized and for the developing countries. LED equipment, its technical modifications and new LED products are actively discussed throughout the world. The interest to this topic brought together more than 420 people from different countries.

How to return holiday atmosphere


The holidays are over and now you’re stuck in a dull office, thinking of how to return that holiday atmosphere.

Perhaps the thought to buy yourself a small personal sea – an aquarium – has already crossed your mind. If not, we just gave you a brilliant idea.

Architectural illumination of “Primorsky Aquarium” in Vladivostok



In accordance with instructions of the President of Russia there is conducted a construction of a unique scientific and educational complex ‘Primorsky Aquarium’ of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Science. This unique building surrounded by glorious natural scenery will be the biggest aquarium in Russia where life forms from every ocean will be presented.

12 LED Lighting Benefits

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Led products become more and more popular nowadays. Let’s find out what causes this.

Useful lighting tips


Artists and photographers understood long time ago that success of their work depended on right lighting. However, not many people could experiment with light and all the experiments were made using incandescent lamps.

Nowadays people prefer to use LED lighting because of its durability and ease of use. Range of LED products includes panels, lamps, strips, etc. Using them you can create a unique style that will impress all your friends.

Power extreme in Belgorod: contest results.



On July 25, 2015 the tournament on power extreme ‘Coliseum’ took place in Belgorod. HTF Company became a sponsor of this contest. We gave 10% discount cards and presented LED bulbs and torches to holiday quests. Our company symbol – LED bulb – provided cheerful atmosphere and vivid impression!

City Day in Orel with HTF Company


On August 5, 2015 Orel city celebrated its 449th anniversary. In honor of this wonderful day HTF Company has organized different contests so that everyone could prove oneself and get a charge of positive emotions. 

In children’s park was organized a drawing competition on ‘My favorite city – Orel’, which 68 children took part in. Varvara Zabelina became a winner of this contest and got a certificate on making a LED picture ‘My family portrait’.

Our company symbol – LED bulb- gave the most vivid emotions. Both children and adults took photos with it with pleasure.

New shop was opened in Orel!



We are glad to inform you that on August,2 2015 HTF Company has opened a new shop at hypermarket ‘Dobrostroi’, 23, Kromskoye roadway, Orel. As usual HTF Company gave presents to all the guests: 10% discount card and LED bulb or flashlight. Our company symbols – LED bulbs - created cheerful and warm atmosphere. Both children and adults took photos with costumed characters.



HTF Company conducted a presentation in Saint-Petersburg



Saint-Petersburg became the next Russian city we presented our company in. From 13th to 17th of July residents of the city on the Neva had a chance to get a 10% discount card and receive a LED bulb or a torch as a gift! Our company symbol – LED bulb – created cheerful and warm atmosphere.

New power Epistar LEDs in pink and violet colour!


HTF Company presents new power LEDs Epistar in pink and violet colour which are widely used in architectural, landscape and specialized lightning. Wide spectrum of radiation, i.e. the ability to get any colour and shade needed is main advantage of these novelties. LEDs allow to get the colour of a specific wavelength. Pink LED has 500 nm wavelength which corresponds with pink colour. Violet LEDs give light with 400-435 nm wavelength. Moreover, CCT and shades doesn't change in time as in other light sources. Thus we get durable and stable glow colour.

HTF Company became an official partner of TV program “Fazenda” on channel One.


HTF Company, the largest manufacturer of LED products in Russia, became an official partner of TV program “Fazenda” on channel One. This program is about country life and making it better. The episode “Shadows' play” in which HTF products were used went on air on June 14 2015. Iliya Verin, the architect, brought back to life the porch of Blynskih family playing there with shadows with use of laths which made it both sunny and shady at the same time.

New dimmable bulb!




HTF Company has put a new product on market, dimmable LED bulbs E27 8W 220V with which you can easily regulate lightning level in the room. For example, you can make dim lights in the evening in nursery and bedroom or you can make it brighter in your sitting-room while meeting with friends and relatives. Choose your lightning level according to your mood or on occasion; by simply diminishing brightness you can create relaxing and romantic atmosphere which will make your rest comfortable.


HTF LED lightning came to Belgorod, Russia

20150703_121753_0.jpgWhile on tour around Russia HTF Company representatives visited Belgorod and from July 2nd till July 4th arranged a presentation there. We were glad to bring positive emotions and free gifts to the citizens! As usual, an inflatable LED bulb – our company symbol – entertained passer-by and took photos with them. There were some pleasant surprises as well: one could get an HTF 10% discount card and receive a LED lamp or a torch as a gift.

The Day of Russia and HTF Company


From June 25 to June 26 HTF Company has presented its production on the territory of 'Vladimirskiy Trakt' mall in Moscow, giving citizens an opportunity to get a 10% discount card for free and receive a LED lamp or a torch as a gift. Passer-by took photos with our company symbol, a LED bulb that cheered everyone up and invited into the store.

New LED Lamp for Dancing !!!

6HTF Company is happy to introduce our new Rotating LED Lamp, which is one of the simplest and most effective ways to create a party at your home. Just replace your regular lamp with our new-dancing lamp and the whole house will be instantly filled with millions of colorful lights, making an average room look like a real dance floor!!!

LED Plant Light: myth or reality?

We a239ll have learnt at school that in order to maintain physical processes, or body needs air and food and plants need light and water. Only light enables plants to produce energy needed for growth and reproduction. In the natural environment, this task is performed by our sun, while in case of artificial breeding, it can be handled only by professional LED Plant lights.

It might seem that this work can be done by any artificial source of light (incandescent lamp, mercury lamp, etc.), but it is not entirely true. According to the recent research, the efficiency of this lighting will not exceed 10-15%. So, what are the advantages of LED Plant lights compared with the other lighting fixtures?

New wholesale and retail outlet in Belgorod, Russia

б1We are happy to announce opening of a new wholesale and retail outlet of HTF Company in the city of Belgorod, Russia. Here you can get professional advice from experts of our company, explore the wide range of products and purchase LED lighting products in any quantity.

New low-priced LED Lighting Fixtures

1.40.2We are pleased to announce that HTF company has launched production of new low-priced Street and Industrial lighting fixtures. This line is based on the economical and efficient Gi Li LEDs (Taiwan), has a high level of illumination and affordable price. New housing of these lighting fixtures, developed by our company, is lighter in weight and smaller in size. New low-priced LED Lighting Fixtures is a modern high-tech solution for illumination of streets, roads, manufacturing plants, warehouses, etc.

Mercury Lamps VS. LED Lighting fixtures


Specialists of the HTF company has calculated costs of using Mercury Lamps and LED Lamps in street and industrial lighting, which is presented in table and graph. They took 100 lighting fixtures, working for 5 years. Average street lamp operates 10 hours per day, average industrial lamp - 24 hours (for example, in warehouses or industrial premises).

In the column "0 years" are the initial costs for the purchase of equipment, that includes, only the cost of the fixtures. As we can see, the price of LED lights is higher. But, if we follow the growth trend of costs during the lifetime of a Mercury Lamp, it is clear that the total costs of using LED equipment are much less. It consists of only primary costs for the purchase of equipment and minor energy costs. And in the case of Mercury lighting fixtures overall costs also include quite a substantial investment for recycling, maintenance and electricity.

New style of HTF retail outlets in Belgorod and Irkutsk

outlet1Now choosing products in our stores became even more comfortable and convenient. We’ve made rebranding of our store in Belgorod (21A Prospect Slavi) as well as in Irkutsk (7Rumyantsev Street). For us comfort and good mood of our customers is very important. Now it is guaranteed not only by friendly and professional sales consultants of our shops, but also by new interior, comfortable display of goods and recognizable facade.

LED China 2014

2For the 2nd year, HTF company presents its products at the annual international exhibition of LED lighting «LED CHINA 2014» in China. As usual, the exhibition was held for 4 days - from 23 to 26 February - in the famous exhibition center Pazhou in Guangzhou city. This year, the organization of the event and safety control were at an even higher level. As for the participants, 95% of them are still, representatives of the Chinese manufacturing industry. TECNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE CO., LTD was the only representative of Russian LED producers.

To buy or not to buy? That is the question…

lsve28Let’s assume that you live in Bulgaria and have 9,5 USD on your account. You can use these money to buy 5 LED Lamps 4W, 1,9 USD each.


The 16th HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)

71HTF Company has participated in 16th international lighting fair that took place in Hong Kong and lasted for three days. The Lighting Fair welcomed 2492 companies from China, Taiwan, South Korea, USA, Brazil, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Russia and many others, all in all 135 countries. During the exhibition China Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre with a total area 70,187 m2 visited 36,952 guests.

The most discussed topics of the exhibition were innovations in LED industry, new LED-lighting fixtures, as well as devices and applications to regulate them.
Founders of the exhibition (HKTDC) conducted an independent survey which interviewed 613 buyers and exhibitors about their views on market prospects for the year ahead. According to the results, 90% expect sales growth and overall development of the industry. The most optimistic were participants from China, Western Europe and North America

HTF on the circus arena!

42Circus! When we hear this word we instantly recall images of animals, clowns, laughing children and sugar cane. Circus can always return memories of our childhood. But many organizational details are hidden from the audience. We don't see how rehearsals go, how hard for the artists can be new roles and tricks. And of course we do not pay attention to the cover of the stage, properties and quality of the lighting.

Modernization of street illumination system in Borinsk settlement, Lipetsk region


Administration of the Borinsk settlement Lipetsk region has held a tender for re-equipment of street illumination system. From three companies from Tambov, Lipetsk and Orel according to the Federal law #44 “About the contract system in the procurement of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs” committee has chosen HTF Company (TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE CO., LTD) as a winner.


Re-equipment of advertisement light boxes, Moscow

25.jpgHTF Company (TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE CO., LTD) produces all kinds of LED equipment, including home, street, architectural, industrial, interior, office and advertising lighting fixtures. We are always happy to offer our customers modules, clusters, LED strip, stroboscopes, kits for manufacturing LED lights, glowing three-dimensional letters, light boxes with mono and RGB backlight.


Santa Clause is coming to town!

55.jpgNew Year is a magical time of the year when everyone prepares presents for their nearest and dearest; it is a time when everyone waits for their dreams come true!! This year HTF Company prepared New Year presents for our children!

From the early morning our Santa had been delivering presents for the employees’ children! It was a wonderful experience, as Santa is not just a costumed guy, but a fairy tale creature who brings a sense of holiday to everyone. Our children prepared New Year’s poems and songs, because Santa gives presents only to the most talented kids, who’ve been behaving well all year long!

Re-equipment of the “Confectionery Factory” workshop, Orel, Russia

IMG 98511It is not a secret, that LED Lighting products become more and more popular not only with the family households, but also with large manufacturing companies, who already appreciated advantages of LED Lights in comparison with other lighting fixtures. HTF Company helps to make re-equipment of obsolete lighting fixtures with the modern LED Lights.

This time we worked with “Confectionery Factory” in Orel city, Russia. We modernized illumination system in the jelly-marshmallow workshop. We replaced old equipment by LED Ceiling fixtures L1250, based on Gi Li LEDs. Its Power Consumption is 32W, Ingress Protection rating (IP) is 65. All in all we installed 119 lighting fixtures.

10th LED Expo in New Delhi, India

indk5-7 December in New Delhi, India took place 10th LED Expo 2014. In the one of the most famous Indian exhibition centers- Dehli Pragati Maidan- gathered more than 200 exhibitors from China, Korea, Taiwan and India. Exhibition was widely supported by the Indian government. The opening ceremony was visited by Minister of Urban Development- Shri Pramod Kumar and Minister of Communication & IT- Shri Marwah.

HTF (Technology of the Future CO., LTD) was the only exhibitor from Russia and presented its main product lines, including Interior LED lighting, Industrial LED lighting, Architectural LED lighting, Home&Office LED lighting. Parts for manufacturing LED lighting fixtures, Street LED lighting and Luxury Interior LED lights were the most popular with the visitors of the HTF Company.

New! LED Filament Lamps with Edison-style housing pendant!

.jpgLED lighting is developing extremely fast these years. And now we are happy to announce that the new LED Filament Lamps and Edison-style housing pendant came into the market and now you can buy them from our company.

These lighting fixtures look exactly like lamps from Edison’s time, but have the latest technical characteristics. That became possible because of appearance of ultra-thin LED Filament. When turned on, this kind of lamps looks similar to the incandescent lamp and has the same viewing angle. However, it is significantly more energy-efficient and requires minimum electricity costs for the whole life time of a lamp. Another factor that influenced appearance of the LED Filament lights is recent development of warm white (WW) LEDs that produce mild and warm light. You turn them on and instantly dive into very comfortable, cozy and romantic atmosphere of old times.

Indesit Company. The story of success.


On February 2013 we received a request from INDESIT Company. They held a trial among LED Lighting manufactures in order to choose distributer of the lighting equipment for warehouses with finished products and they wanted us to participate in it. We had the following task: to offer the LED substitution for the existing DRL Lamps 250 in quantity of 1480. The height of the suspension of existing ceiling fixture was 6 meters, illumination at the floor level – not less than 75Lx. According to these demands, our engineering department offered LED Industrial lighting fixture NSP-TB -400 40W 220V IP65 90° based on Epistar LEDs.

LED Lighting in Agricultural sector

LumiGrow-installation-at-Herbco-basil.jpgNowadays we are witnessing the revolution of the LED industry. Just yesterday LED lamp was only a tiny red light in our TV set. Today LED lights are replacing obsolete lighting technology in industrial, architectural, designing and other spheres. Agricultural sector is no exception.

So what are the main advantages of Light-Emitting Diode? Why is it so popular? What is the secret of replacing traditional sources of light? We will try to answer these questions.

LED office ceiling fixture with remote control and prismatic glass 28/56W (CW/WW/NW) 220V IP40 GL

1-200x150We would like to present you our new product – LED office ceiling fixture with remote control and prismatic glass 28/56W (CW/WW/NW) 220V IP40 GL. It has the following advantages: remote control enables you to switch on and off several groups of lamps simultaneously, create any luminous temperature within 2700-6500K and regulate its luminance (dimming function). 

Manufacturing kit for office ceiling fixture with remote control based on Gi Li LEDs CW/WW/NW 28/56W

IMG 98101-150x113If you are interested in manufacturing, re-equipment or sale of LED lamps, our company has something special for you. We are happy to announce that the new manufacturing kit for office ceiling fixture with remote control based on Gi Li LEDs (Taiwan) came into the market. The kit includes: 4 boards, driver and remote control with operating radius of 20-30 meters. 

A new line of fixtures based on Gi Li LEDs

svetodiodnyi-svetilnik-ulichnyi-2rku-tb-400-80w-220v-ip65-ep.jpgSince 5 August, HTF company had started production of a new line of street, industrial, ceiling and office fixtures based on manufacturing kit for LED lighting Gi Li 40W. They are perfect for illumination large-size objects as trading halls, office and educational areas, hotels and industrial enterprises:

New LED office ceiling fixture

svetodiodnyi-svetilnik-ofisnyi-armstrong-s-prizmaticheskim-steklom-3264w-cwwwnw220v-ip40-gl.jpgThe novelty of our production is LED office ceiling fixture with prismatic glass 32/64W (CW/WW/NW) 220V IP40 GL. Its peculiarity is that you can choose the most suitable color of light (warm, neutral or cool) by pressing switch button. Fixtures are equipped with LEDs brand Gi Li (Taiwan). The ripple is less than 1%, such lamps are completely safe for eyes.

We added new low-voltage LED equipment on 12 volts

svetodiodnaya1111lampa-e27-60-smd5730-12w-12v-1400lm-tower.jpgHTF company expands the range of low-voltage LED equipment on 12 volts. We added interior lights DL, DGL  and lamps base E27

HTF company started production of new manufacturing kit for office ceiling fixture

-1_0.jpgOur company started production of unique manufacturing kit for office ceiling fixture. We used special driver and four lines. You can choose most suitable color of lighting (warm, neutral or cool) by pressing switch button.

Power consumption of this kit is less then 35W. Luminous flux depending on color lighting varieties from 2800 to 3200LM. Very soon we are going to produce a wide range of office and ceiling fixtures basis on this kit.

HTF at "First China-Russian Expo"

IMG_20140701_162531.jpgFrom June 30 to July 05, HTF has presented its production in the exposition of modern technologies at "First China-Russian Expo" in international expo center of Harbin, Heilongjiang (China).

HTF company installed LED fixtures on the INDESIT factory

led-floodlights-lamps-13735.jpgOur company has performed a contract for the supply of LED fixtures on the INDESIT factory. We used LED industrial fixtures NSP-TB 40W 220V IP65  (viewing angle 90°) for illumination of production area and warehouses. After installation of LED fixtures energy spendings were reduced in 3 times.


HTF Company designs a universal system of emergency for fixtures

block11.pngHTF Company designs a universal system of emergency uninterrupted power supply for fixtures. It can be used not only as the main light source, but also as emergency lighting in case of failure of main power source (network of 220 V). In case of emergency will help people to find the right way of evacuation. 

HTF company began to produce lightweight LED display controlled DMX

DMXdispley.jpgOur company began production of lightweight LED display controlled DMX. Despite its light weight and simple design  these displays can be a perfect additionthe outdoor signs of your shops, clubs, bars, restaurants, etc. Such displays are installed indoors and allow you to make simple animation, text, and other flash effects in full color.

We design illumination systems controllers for all types of stairs

_лестницы.jpgWe started to design illumination systems controllers for all types of stairs. This controller will help you not to stumble going up or down stairs in dark time. Also it will create the interior of your house, restaurant, bar or shop and new unusual effects of switching on/off contour lighting.

Fixtures on new NICHIA LEDs: +10% brightness at the same price!

_nichiaB.jpgSince June HTF company starts to produce LED lights with new LEDs of NICHIA production. The main difference of the new LEDs from the previous one is brightness which increased on 10%. Depending on bin NICHIA LEDs will have the light output from 145 to 160 Lm to watt. But the price of the final product will be the same!


We started to manufacture LED lamps with base E40 the 60 and 120 watts of power.

svetodiodnaya-lampa-e40-60-plt-60w-220v-ep-150x122.jpgHTF company started to manufacture LED lamps with base E40 the 60 and 120 watts of power. These lamps are constructed with special technology of heat-removing and the large sides of the radiator body are used. The high quality driver of Mean Well production allowed us extended warranty for these lamps up to 5 years. Besides, special suspension, which comes with lamp kit, allows to use it as a fixture.

Special lights for aquariums

1.jpgHTF company started to design special lights  for aquariums. These lights will as effectively as possible select the right illumination for any freshwater aquariums. Low power consumption, correct color temperature and long working life of these lights will allow customers enjoy the flora and fauna of their aquariums without image fault.

News in the sphere of plant cultivation – LED light for plant growth HTF!

1.jpgLED light for plant growth is used for acceleration of growth and upstream of plants. LED light for plant growth stimulates the growth of flowers, seedlings and vegetables, encourages root-formation in autumn-winter period, it is used for sprouting seeds of indoor and agricultural plants.

The main advantages of the grow light.

The light fixture is energy-efficient, being of equal capacity the light emitting diodes consume by 80% less electric power then other lighting devices;

Lamp "TOWER" based on the LEDs of the new type SMD5730

IMG_11042014_122751.pngTechnologies of the Future, LLC began to produce the lamps "TOWER"  based on the LEDs of the new type SMD5730 (Taiwan). We have different modification of power and base type: 5W, 8W, 12W, base E27 and E14. New model of lamps have a higher luminous flux (from 1 LED - 24 Lm) than LEDs SMD 5050 (luminous flux 20-21 Lm) previously used for this model.


The LEDs SMD5730 are mounted on aluminum board what provides better heat exchange, and extends the long life of the LED. Lamp "TOWER" on the LEDs SMD5730 made from polycarbonate and has the following advantages: shockproof, no thermal radiation and long service life.

This lamp is called "TOWER" because its form and shape resembles "the Tower." You can create interesting illumination effects using this type of lamp with different reflectors and it is perfect for home and industrial lighting.

We guarantee the quality of products! Warranty periods up to 5 years

-1.pngDear partners and customers from the 10th of October 2013. Technologies of the Future, LLC  increases the warranty period for the products.

LED fixtures based on Epistar LEDs (Taiwan) –  3 years warranty.

LED fixtures based on of Nichia LEDs (Japan) – 5 years warranty.

We are sure in the quality of our products!




22nd International Lighting Exhibition 2017 in Guangzhou




HTF LED Lighting Company took part at the 22nd International Lighting Exhibition 2017 in Guangzhou. This is the most influential and comprehensive lighting event in Asia. The exhibition was held from 9 to 12 June in Guangzhou City, China. It has been an annually event since 1995.

HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition 2016

dsvvHTF LED Lighting Company took part in the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition 2016 for the third time. The event took place from October 27.2016 to October 30.2016 in China (Hong Kong). This is the largest international exhibition of lighting devices in Asia. The exposition is held twice a year - in spring and autumn.

ISLE in Guangzhou 2017

eafdfe3ae94a464539cc9c71e0170a5fHTF Company took part at the international exhibition of outdoor advertising and LED lighting ISLE (International Signs & LED Exhibition), which attracts a lot of guests from all over the world. Lighting products were presented by well-known companies at the event. Participants of the exhibition came from such countries as: USA, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and others. Market leaders discussed the current situation, trends and future aspects of development during the event.

HTF Company at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2016

5243d07931e1fa8252c763a8c5ec89e3The Asian ninth largest international exhibition of the latest LED equipment was held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in China from 6 to 9 of April. The exhibition specialized on LED lighting, which is also called environmentally friendly («green») light due to the harmless of this type of the product. You could find commercial lighting, home lighting, outdoor lighting and lighting accessories at the event.

Light Middle East 2015, Dubai


6 - 8 October, 2015

Dubai Exhibition and Convention Centre

Booth Z3-G40

See all pictures

LED Expo 2014, New Delhi


 5-7 December, 2014

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

Hall 9, Booth -9/18

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the 16th Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) 2014


27-30 Oktober 2014     

1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Expo Drive Hall, Booth No. ED-C34

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1st Сhina-Russia Expo 2014


30 June - 07July, 2014

Harbin international conference and exhibition center, b.301,

Russian Area - B, Booth - 5S14/5S18 Nangang district, Harbin, China. 

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The 10th LED CHINA 2014


February 23-26, 2014
Xin Gang Dong Road, Guangzhou, China 
Pazhou Complex, Area – B, Levels – 3, place – Е23,

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The 9th LED CHINA 2013



March 1-4, 2013
Xin Gang Dong Road, Guangzhou, China 
Pazhou Complex, Area – B, Level – 3, Booth– D33